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How to Play Wii Games Online in 2020! (With and Without Homebrew!)

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Информация о видео How to Play Wii Games Online in 2020! (With and Without Homebrew!)

Название :  How to Play Wii Games Online in 2020! (With and Without Homebrew!)
Продолжительность :  
Пользователь :  id 883344312479
Дата публикации :   20200710
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Play, Games, Online, (With, Without, Homebrew!),

Комментарии к видео How to Play Wii Games Online in 2020! (With and Without Homebrew!)

Anton Retro
Hello everyone, I forgot to clarify that the Wii U doesn’t allow you to do the No Homebrew Method. Also you NEED the game disk in order to play the games. There are ways to do it with USB Loader GX, so just check the description to see that info. Also if your wondering if your save data will not work or be corrupted with patching, well it should be totally fine. The save a data is stored on the Wii so when you use the Wimmifi patcher it should just come into affect just like loading up the game regularly. Hope this helps, and ENJOY!
Комментарий от : Anton Retro

Thanks for this video! With homebrew method, I believe that I have followed the instructions exactly, but when I reinsert the SD card back into my wii, and run homebrew, the wiimmfi patcher app does not appear (even though the files are on the SD card)...does anyone have any advice? Could it be that I don't have any discs (all my games are on a hard drive)? Thanks!
Комментарий от : TheTravellingbug

Neten 64
Does Online Wii games works on Wii U?
Комментарий от : Neten 64

Emile Parent
The description says 191 instead of 151 in the video. Which one is correct?
Комментарий от : Emile Parent

I've got homebrew and an hard disk with games. Using homebrew method I can open only the disk of the game or can I use the games in the hard disk? (sorry for my bad English)
Комментарий от : ReddyX

can homebrew play with non homebrew?
Комментарий от : Caleb

Ante Vranaković
Did it hack your wii,i mean harm it?
Комментарий от : Ante Vranaković

Cough Drop
does this work on wii u?
Комментарий от : Cough Drop

Charles Burke
I really want to play online☹☹ it's not working
Комментарий от : Charles Burke

Fun times at HQ
Комментарий от : Fun times at HQ

What do you use to record Wii footage? I've searched everywhere, and nothing works
Комментарий от : あ3J

Funky kong
I tried this and it worked once then stopped working
Комментарий от : Funky kong

PLEASE HELP I want to know how you got the Netflix and YouTube channel on the Wii???
Комментарий от : BigM

1:28 - No Homebrew
4:00 - Homebrew
Hope it helps

Комментарий от : GarzoPlays

Captain Flodd
5:06 so I have to remove the disc I’m trying to mod?
Комментарий от : Captain Flodd

Pixel Legend YT
Thank u so much bro it worked for me no mistakes at all!
Комментарий от : Pixel Legend YT

I don’t understand, i watched such videos from other people and it didn’t work. Thanks to this video i have wiimmfi.
Комментарий от : Sem

Комментарий от : AlissaPlaysRoblox

Does this work for PAL regions or NTSC only?
Комментарий от : TheKHfan358over3d

Can I play online with games on USB loader if I can how?
Комментарий от : TheNativeSpirit


Btw for the people stuck on the user agreement screen there are some solutions.
1. Check the Primary DNS and see if it’s correct or change the secondary DNS to
2. If that still doesn’t work then erase your internet connection and add it in again.
3. If you are still using the same internet connection you started with and done all the steps your connecting/router isnt compatible with this method
4. Try another connection, Example - I done my mobile data and it ended up working.

Комментарий от : Skillzy

ASWD abc
Omg , this is what i'm looking for since last year, thanks!
Комментарий от : ASWD abc

Galarian Sceptile
Very helpful, thank you!
Комментарий от : Galarian Sceptile

Aquaaz _
I’m so glad I can play mk wii online again thank you 🙏
Комментарий от : Aquaaz _

only me
To me when you said to wait 2 minutes my screen is diferent than yours. It doesnt says wiimmfi or please wait this will take 1 2 minutes.

Please respond

Комментарий от : only me

Erik Redd
Will this permanently ruin the disc or can I play offline too?
Комментарий от : Erik Redd

idle loader
everytime i do this i open homebrew to see nothing there!
Комментарий от : idle loader

animal crossing weeb
Whenever I click the Wii icon, I only see “Save Data” and “Channels.” I don’t know why there’s no internet setting on there. Can somebody help?
Комментарий от : animal crossing weeb

hi man. i launched wiimmfi from homebrew channel but after 1 hour is still waiting for game disk. i have an hard disk not a disc. what do i have to do?
Комментарий от : ddm126

Комментарий от : niicro

I’m having problems with it working on the wii u. It works fine on my wii but not on my wii u for some reason🤷🏻‍♂️. Please help me
Комментарий от : A9Nat

Dylan Soesinto
What happends if i only have a usb drive and not a sd card?
Комментарий от : Dylan Soesinto

Amzy Da ClickBaiter
What if your game is loaded onto a usb?
Комментарий от : Amzy Da ClickBaiter

Mecha gaming
It only shows channels and save data what do I do I’m using a wii u but transfered
Комментарий от : Mecha gaming

C Trey
The internet is connected but it won't let me do anything I'm confused at this point lol
Комментарий от : C Trey

F in chat for all wii minis
Комментарий от : Dorgan

Kirk Skywalker
Does this support Beatles: Rock Band?
Комментарий от : Kirk Skywalker

Im so scared to use this it looks like a virus i might virtualize a wii system try this then see if its infected if i do do it then ill edit the comment if i forget welp this message will go silent
Комментарий от : superwii6

I have the wii u and system settings button I LOOKED IN THE SAME MENU and it isn't there :(
Комментарий от : RedslimeGamer202

Azzul Bustillo
Thanks a lot for this!
Комментарий от : Azzul Bustillo

The Iconic Hawk
Do you need a disc or can you just download it
Комментарий от : The Iconic Hawk

Talha Hussain
The screen with wiimfii doesnt show up, instead an agreement of being and adult shows up
I live in germany, has that to do something with that?

Комментарий от : Talha Hussain

Kuba Piksa
I tried like two weeks ago to connect to my wifi
But, it blocks on Testing connection, i decided to shut down wii after 10 hours of "testing"

Комментарий от : Kuba Piksa

Jamal Abdi
This thing actually works thanks
Комментарий от : Jamal Abdi

Zachary Furse
Rip wii u users
Комментарий от : Zachary Furse

Brandon 03
This worked, had my first 2 games already 🤣 Takes me back
Комментарий от : Brandon 03

Jan E
The part where you don’t press anything and wait looks completely different for me and it’s not working
Комментарий от : Jan E

can you do hackless method on wii u?
Комментарий от : WeebGunner

Thank you very much !
Комментарий от : Simon

shotenskull 72
Quick question does the first method work for updating games?
Комментарий от : shotenskull 72

Joshua Hall
I try but it never works especially I think it's because I live in Belize
Комментарий от : Joshua Hall

Once i wait 2 minutes do i press exept or does it automatically transfer me to the game
Комментарий от : Hasoon3615

Matthew Kuberski
So how do you get home brew channel on your wii?
Комментарий от : Matthew Kuberski

TheEgger 101
When your games are on usb loader...
Комментарий от : TheEgger 101

Andy _Goat
There is a message when I try to do the 3:06 step. It says “To use Wiiconnect24 and the Wii ship channel please confirm the user agreement after configuring internet settings” someone please help
Комментарий от : Andy _Goat

Jesus Christ
Комментарий от : Jesus Christ

Hello. Will this work to play Mario Kart online with Friends? Or just random people worldwide? My brother and I set our Wii’s up Homebrew style, and we find each other, but then just keeps saying Unable to Meet Up and that’s it. Thank you!
Комментарий от : cardillo32

i have no settings on my wii u wii menu what do i do?
Комментарий от : iicxdeen

Lylat Butters
i did the steps but the wiimifi doesnt show up in homebrew
Комментарий от : Lylat Butters

Max M
what if we want to use games from the usb loader gx
Комментарий от : Max M

That Widow Bitch
Everytime i get past this check point 3:31 i get the same error code whenever i try to get on mario kart online, any help? Error code is 52232
Комментарий от : That Widow Bitch

Wait so if i have homebrew do i still need to change ip?
Комментарий от : KARDO

Chris Staffo
Would this work for call of duty world at war
Комментарий от : Chris Staffo

Dry Bones
Great video! But I can't access this because I use the Wii U AND I don't have homebrew, it's annoying.
Комментарий от : Dry Bones

I tried the non homebrew method and I still got the same error code. I typed in the dns and still got the error code. Help
Комментарий от : TheUmbreonfan03

I keep getting error code 52231 anyone know what’s wrong ?
Комментарий от : PAYDAY 17

My Wii says ver.4.3U does it matter or does have to be Ver.4.3E?
Комментарий от : PAYDAY 17

Pepijn Janssen
I am getting a error
Комментарий от : Pepijn Janssen

Kevin Gieskes
I only get the read me option out of the 3?
Комментарий от : Kevin Gieskes

Sam Ellis Hedger
Error code 50300. It doesn't work. What's the solution?
Комментарий от : Sam Ellis Hedger

i set all these settings it saves and i click test internet connection and i get error code 51330 cannot connect to internet my internet is good and works just fine but how do i fix this?
Комментарий от : FatePlaysMC

Kenneth Martin
It work thanks a lot 10 out 10
Комментарий от : Kenneth Martin

Kenneth Martin
It's making my Wi-Fi connection slow but I copied your advice see if it works
Комментарий от : Kenneth Martin

QuirkyEspeon ·
Nintendo: Wait, that's illegal.
Комментарий от : QuirkyEspeon ·

Huskie Squad
When I go to dns advanced settings it says 3 different settings IP address, subnet mask, and default router. What do I do
Комментарий от : Huskie Squad

I don’t get that custom user agreement message
Комментарий от : Reece

Xavier Rizzo
How do I use the patcher without a disk inserted?
Комментарий от : Xavier Rizzo

Do you know how to install homebrew on the wii for wii u?
Комментарий от : MADB0SS

Antonio Bavastrelli
which version of hombrew channel do you use?
Комментарий от : Antonio Bavastrelli

Please help me! I want to play mk wii online but when it comes to the point where you have to wait for 1 to 2 minutes it didn't do anything. And yes i tried it with and without a SD card. If you can't help me, then please (I know this sounds selfish but once the problem is solved i will delete this comment) like this comment so that someone sees it that can help me. If you liked this comment, thank you, i owe you something.

Комментарий от : Niemand

Queen Plays
Does this work anyone?
Комментарий от : Queen Plays

Whenever i do the user agreements thing, I always get the wii network services user agreement. What do I do?
Комментарий от : Squid619

Thank you so much,I subbed;)
Комментарий от : Berryweary

Leeshey Brown
Anyone have 2k11 on the wii and wanna play ?
Комментарий от : Leeshey Brown

Gabriele Leonesio
Can i use this with Mario kart wii channel???
Комментарий от : Gabriele Leonesio

Bowser201 Granny
Комментарий от : Bowser201 Granny

Golam Mia
Instead of taking me to Wiimifi patcher, it takes me to this: To use WiiConect24, please confirm the user agreement after configuring Internet Settings. What should I do?
Комментарий от : Golam Mia

Mazen Jar El-Nabi
i like your voice
Комментарий от : Mazen Jar El-Nabi

What if I dont have a disc but have an iso in the usb loader?
Комментарий от : K-CED

Errro Code 51330
Комментарий от : K-CED

Nicholas Miller
I got pass the User Agreement screen; however, I want to play Smash Brothers online, but after the Black screen (with white writing) and the game starts loading, I encountered a difficulty. When I try to enter the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection section in Smash, I get an error (60000). What do I do from here?
Комментарий от : Nicholas Miller

Steve Mitchell
In advanced settings, instead of two options for a primary and secondary DNS screen, it shows three options for an "IP Address", "Subnet Mask", and "Default Router". Why is this, or what should I enter here?
Комментарий от : Steve Mitchell

M Livehd
How do I do this on the Wii U?!
Комментарий от : M Livehd

Adam Sobeh
Wait so this works with Wii U to?
Комментарий от : Adam Sobeh

percussion man
Dont work and I have an original wii
Комментарий от : percussion man

Original Garcia / O.G. Family
Комментарий от : Original Garcia / O.G. Family

Fritz Manrique
I have a question too. The super smash bros brawl does not connect me online with the wiimfipatcher from today May 24. Does anyone else have the same problem?
Комментарий от : Fritz Manrique

Now I’m playing online
Комментарий от : aazzao

Luke Taylor
I did what it said, but when I look in the homebrew channel it doesn't show any apps.
Комментарий от : Luke Taylor

Dio Brando
It worked

Thank you

Комментарий от : Dio Brando

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